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WTA created a partnership with the Community for Creative Non-Violence (CCNV) homeless shelter and launched WildTech/CCNV, a high technology company operated and managed by the shelter residents. It is located in the CCNV, the largest homeless shelter in the United States, just three blocks from the US Capitol building.


WildTech/CCNV starts by training the shelter residents in technology skills. They then gain work-based learning experiences by providing technology products and services to other shelter residents and low-income community members . The most experienced WildTech – CCNV staff members provide services to government agencies and nonprofits…all at far below market rates! Many are technology professionals with years of experience who have had some tough breaks (it could happen to any of us). Initial enterprise activities include electronics recycling, refurbishing PCs, software application training and more. WildTech – CCNV actively seeks volunteers, donations and technology training services from individuals, foundations and corporations.

Homelessness is a huge issue across our nation. It is often perceived that drug abuse or behavioral issues are the leading causes of homelessness, yet unemployment is by far the leading cause.  Over 80% of the residents at the CCNV shelter are unemployed, and with the lack of affordable housing, they have nowhere to turn to except the shelter. In addition, studies have long indicated that technology access and skills are divided along economic lines. Nowhere is this more evident than in the CCNV shelter. Very few residents have technology skills, in a world where most jobs are obtained on the Internet and performed on a computer.  WildTech – CCNV was created to help end this. Join us and be a part of the solution!